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The Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace

PublicAffairs - With warmth, raised in the 1940s and 1950s, largely apolitical women, she shows how personal experiences and cultural shifts led a group of well-mannered, humor, and perspective, to challenge their bosses--and what happened after they did. Any aspiring female journalist was told, "If you want to be a writer, go somewhere else.

On march 16, 1970, the day newsweek published a cover story on the fledgling feminist movement entitled "Women in Revolt, " forty-six Newsweek women charged the magazine with discrimination in hiring and promotion. For many, filing the suit was a radicalizing act that empowered them to "find themselves" and fight back.

The Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace - In the good girls revolt, she evocatively tells the story of this dramatic turning point through the lives of several participants. Young women poured into the workplace, but the "Help Wanted" ads were segregated by gender and the "Mad Men" office culture was rife with sexual stereotyping and discrimination.

Lynn povich was one of the lucky ones, landing a job at Newsweek, renowned for its cutting-edge coverage of civil rights and the "Swinging Sixties. Nora ephron, jane bryant quinn, Ellen Goodman, and Susan Brownmiller all started there as well. It was the first female class action lawsuit--the first by women journalists--and it inspired other women in the media to quickly follow suit.

Lynn povich was one of the ringleaders. Through the lives of young female journalists at Newsweek today, Lynn Povich shows what has--and hasn't--changed in the workplace.

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America's Women: 400 Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates, and Heroines P.S.

HarperCollins e-books - America's women tells the story of more than four centuries of history. She begins with the lost colony of roanoke and the early southern "tobacco brides" who came looking for a husband and sometimes -- thanks to the stupendously high mortality rate -- wound up marrying their way through three or four. Spanning wars, the civil rights movement, and the feminist rebellion of the 1970s, the era of Rosie the Riveter, medical advances, social theories about sex and courtship, the Depression, the pioneering days, work, and the ever-changing attitudes toward education, America's Women describes the way women's lives were altered by dress fashions, the fight for suffrage, rules of hygiene, and politics.

. While keeping her eye on the big picture, Collins still notes that corsets and uncomfortable shoes mattered a lot, too. The history of american women is about the fight for freedom, " Collins writes in her introduction, "but it's less a war against oppressive men than a struggle to straighten out the perpetually mixed message about women's roles that was accepted by almost everybody of both genders.

Told chronologically through the compelling stories of individual lives that, linked together, provide a complete picture of the American woman's experience, America's Women is both a great read and a landmark work of history. Courageous, funny, and heartbreaking, silly, these women shaped the nation and our vision of what it means to be female in America.

America's Women: 400 Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates, and Heroines P.S. - By culling the most fascinating characters -- the average as well as the celebrated -- Gail Collins, sex, and how they felt about marriage, charts a journey that shows how women lived, the editorial page editor at the New York Times, what they cared about, and work. It features a stunning array of personalities, from the women peering worriedly over the side of the Mayflower to feminists having a grand old time protesting beauty pageants and bridal fairs.

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Our Mothers' War: American Women at Home and at the Front During World War II

Free Press - Yellin explains how wonder woman was created in 1941 to fight the Nazi menace and became the first female comic book superhero, as well as how Marilyn Monroe was discovered in 1944 while working with her mother-in-law packing parachutes at a war plant in Burbank, California. Our mothers' war gives center stage to those who might be called "the other American soldiers.

". Like all great histories, Our Mothers' War began with an illuminating discovery. Yellin also delves into lesser-known stories, pilots, prostitutes, journalists, politicians, including: tales of female spies, and even fictional characters; firsthand accounts from the wives of the scientists who created the atomic bomb at Los Alamos, movie stars, baseball players, African-American women who faced Jim Crow segregation laws at home even as their men were fighting enemy bigotry and injustice abroad, and Japanese-American women locked up as prisoners in their own country.

After finding a journal and letters her mother had written while serving with the Red Cross in the Pacific, journalist Emily Yellin started unearthing what her mother and other women of her mother's generation went through during a time when their country asked them to step into roles they had never been invited, or allowed, to fill before.

Drawing on a wide range of sources, yellin shows what went on in the hearts and minds of the real women behind the female images of World War II -- women working in war plants; mothers and wives sending their husbands and sons off to war and sometimes death; women joining the military for the first time in American history; nurses operating in battle zones in Europe, Africa, including personal interviews and previously unpublished letters and diaries, and the Pacific; and housewives coping with rationing.

Our Mothers' War: American Women at Home and at the Front During World War II - Now, our mothers' war re-creates what American women from all walks of life were doing and thinking, on the home front and abroad. Our women are serving actively in many ways in this war, and they are doing a grand job on both the fighting front and the home front. Eleanor roosevelt, 1944our mothers' war is a stunning and unprecedented portrait of women during World War II, a war that forever transformed the way women participate in American society.

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Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change

Spiegel & Grau - Her message overcame negative pr attacks that took aim at her professional conduct and her personal life, and she won widespread public support—Time hailed her as “the face of change. Though pao lost her suit, in the media, she revolutionized the conversation at tech offices, and around the world. Pao sued a powerhouse silicon Valley venture capital firm, calling out workplace discrimination and retaliation against women and other underrepresented groups.

. Ellen K. Her suit rocked the tech world—and exposed its toxic culture and its homogeneity. The daughter of immigrants, Pao was taught that through hard work she could achieve her dreams. She banned revenge porn and unauthorized nude photos—an action other large media sites later followed—and shut down parts of reddit over online harassment.

Reset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change - Pao’s reset is a rallying cry—the story of a whistleblower who aims to empower everyone struggling to be heard, in Silicon Valley and beyond. Praise for Reset“Necessary and incisive. She earned multiple ivy league degrees, worked at top startups, and in 2005 was recruited by Kleiner Perkins, arguably the world’s leading venture capital firm at the time.

It was time for a system reset. After kleiner, pao became ceo of reddit, where she took forceful action to change the status quo for the company and its product. She and seven other women tech leaders formed Project Include, an award-winning nonprofit for accelerating diversity and inclusion in tech.

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You Play the Girl: On Playboy Bunnies, Stepford Wives, Train Wrecks, & Other Mixed Messages

Mariner Books - It wasn't until she spent five years as a movie critic, however, and was laid off just after her daughter was born, that she really came to understand how the stories the culture tells us about what it means to be a girl limit our lives and shape our destinies. Dutifully absorbing all the conflicting information the culture has to offer on how to be a woman, princesses waiting to be saved,  Chocano grappled with sexed up sidekicks, and morally infallible angels who seemed to have no opinions of their own.

She learned that "the girl" is not a person, but a man's idea of what a woman should be—she’s whatever the hero needs her to be in order to become himself. Winner of the national book critics circle award for criticism a finalist for the pen/diamonstein-spielvogel award for the art of the essay "if hollywood's treatment of women leaves you wanting, you'll find good, heady company in You Play the Girl.

Elle as a kid in the 1970s and 80s, carina chocano was confused by the mixed messages all around her; messages that told her who she could be—and who she couldn’t. In the tradition of roxane gay,  chocano brilliantly shows that our identities are more fluid than we think, Rebecca Solnit, and Susan Sontag, and certainly more complex than anything we see on any kind of screen.

You Play the Girl: On Playboy Bunnies, Stepford Wives, Train Wrecks, & Other Mixed Messages - . She resolved to rewrite her own story. Moving from bugs bunny to playboy bunnies, the glib ’90s,  from the progressive ’70s through the backlash ’80s, from Flashdance to Frozen, and the pornified aughts—and at stops in between—she explains how growing up in the shadow of “the girl” taught her to think about herself and the world and what it means to raise a daughter in the face of these contorted reflections.

In you play the girl, Chocano blends formative personal stories with insightful and emotionally powerful analysis.

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All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation

Simon & Schuster - Today, only twenty percent of Americans are married by age twenty-nine, compared to nearly sixty percent in 1960 But over the course of her vast research and more than a hundred interviews with academics and social scientists and prominent single women, Traister discovered a startling truth: the phenomenon of the single woman in America is not a new one.

An informative and thought-provoking book for anyone—not just single ladies” The New York Times Book Review, All the Single Ladies is a remarkable portrait of contemporary American life and how we got here, through the lens of the unmarried American woman. It was the year the proportion of american women who were married dropped below fifty percent; and the median age of first marriages, which had remained between twenty and twenty-two years old for nearly a century 1890–1980, had risen dramatically to twenty-seven.

And historically, when women were given options beyond early heterosexual marriage, the results were massive social change—temperance, secondary education, abolition, and more. Covering class, sexual orientation, “we’re better off reading Rebecca Traister on women, race, and filled with vivid anecdotes from fascinating contemporary and historical figures, politics, and America than pretty much anyone else” The Boston Globe.

All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation - New york times notable books of 2016 selection * best books of 2016 selection by the boston globe * entertainment weekly * npr * chicago public library * the new york times bestselling investigation into the sexual, economic, and emotional lives of women is “an informative and thought-provoking book for anyone—not just the single ladies—who want to gain a greater understanding of this pivotal moment in the history of the United States” The New York Times Book Review.

In 2009, award-winning journalist Rebecca Traister started All the Single Ladies about the twenty-first century phenomenon of the American single woman.

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Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her

Mariner Books - As beloved by girls today as she was by their grandmothers, Nancy Drew has both inspired and reflected the changes in her readers’ lives. An edgar award winner for best biography and a chicago tribune best book of the year   the plucky “titian-haired” sleuth solved her first mystery in 1930—and eighty million books later, World War II, Nancy Drew has survived the Depression, and the sixties when she was taken up with a vengeance by women’s libbers to enter the pantheon of American culture.

Here, melanie rehak solves an enduring literary mystery: who created nancy drew? and how did she go from pulp heroine to icon?   The brainchild of children’s book mogul Edward Stratemeyer, Nancy was brought to life by two women: Mildred Wirt Benson, in a narrative with all the page-turning pace of Nancy’s adventures, and Harriet Stratemeyer Adams, a pioneering journalist from Iowa, a well-bred wife and mother who took over her father’s business empire as CEO.

Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her - Grab your flashlights, girls. The true story behind the iconic fictional detective is “a fascinating chapter in the history of publishing” The Seattle Times. In this century-spanning, “absorbing and delightful” story, the author traces their roles—and Nancy’s—in forging the modern American woman The Wall Street Journal.

The mystery of Carolyn Keene is about to begin. Karen joy Fowler. It’s truly fun to see behind the scenes of the girl sleuth’s creation. Publishers weekly   “as much a social history of the times as a book about the popular series .

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Letter to My Daughter

Random House - You are fat and thin and pretty and plain, gay and straight, educated and unlettered, and I am speaking to you all. New york times bestseller • maya angelou shares her path to living well and with meaning in this absorbing book of personal essays. Like the rest of her remarkable work, savor, re-read, Letter to My Daughter entertains and teaches; it is a book to cherish, and share.

Dedicated to the daughter she never had but sees all around her, Letter to My Daughter transcends genres and categories: guidebook, memoir, poetry, and pure delight. Here in short spellbinding essays are glimpses of the tumultuous life that led angelou to an exalted place in American letters and taught her lessons in compassion and fortitude: how she was brought up by her indomitable grandmother in segregated Arkansas, taken in at thirteen by her more worldly and less religious mother, six-foot-tall teenager whose first experience of loveless sex paradoxically left her with her greatest gift, and grew to be an awkward, a son.

Letter to My Daughter - I gave birth to one child, a son, but I have thousands of daughters. Whether she is recalling such lost friends as coretta scott king and ossie davis, explaining why becoming a Christian is a “lifelong endeavor, extolling honesty, decrying vulgarity, ” or simply singing the praises of a meal of red rice–Maya Angelou writes from the heart to millions of women she considers her extended family.

Here is my offering to you. From letter to My Daughter. You are black and white, jewish and Muslim, Spanish speaking, Asian, Native Americans and Aleut.

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To Tell the Truth Freely: The Life of Ida B. Wells

Hill and Wang - Though she ultimately lost her case on appeal in the Supreme Court of Tennessee, the published account of her legal challenge to Jim Crow changed her life, propelling her into a career as an outspoken journalist and social activist. Born to slaves in 1862, Ida B. Wells's refusal to accept any compromise on racial inequality caused her to be labeled a "dangerous radical" in her day but made her a model for later civil rights activists as well as a powerful witness to the troubled racial politics of her era.

Though she helped found the naaCP in 1910 after resettling in Chicago, she would not remain a member for long. Forcibly ejected from her seat on a train one day on account of her race, Wells immediately sued the railroad. The life of Ida B. Always militant in her quest for racial justice, Wells rejected not only Booker T.

To Tell the Truth Freely: The Life of Ida B. Wells - In the richly illustrated to tell the truth freely, the historian Mia Bay vividly captures Wells's legacy and life, from her childhood in Mississippi to her early career in late nineteenth-century Memphis and her later life in Progressive-era Chicago. Wells's fight for racial and gender justice began in 1883, when she was a young schoolteacher who traveled to her rural schoolhouse by rail.

Wells and her enduring achievements are dramatically recovered in Mia Bay's To Tell the Truth Freely. Washington's accommodationism but also the moderating influence of white reformers within the early NAACP.

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Ida: A Sword Among Lions: Ida B. Wells and the Campaign Against Lynching

HarperCollins e-books - Wells surges out of the pages. In the tradition of towering biographies that tell us as much about america as they do about their subject, Ida: A Sword Among Lions is a sweepingnarrative about a country and a crusader embroiled in the struggle against lynching: a practice that imperiled not only the lives of blackmen and women, but also a nation based on law and riven by race.

At the center of the national drama is Ida B. Embattled all of her activist life, wells found herself fighting not only conservative adversaries but icons of the civil rights and women’s suffrage movements who sought to undermine her place in history. In this definitive biography, which places Ida B. Wells firmly in the context of her times as well as ours, in the process, Giddings at long last gives this visionary reformer her due and, sheds light on an aspect of our history that isoften left in the shadows.

With meticulous research and vivid rendering of her subject, black and white, Giddings also provides compelling portraits of twentieth-century progressive luminaries, with whom Wells worked during some of the most tumultuous periods in American history. For wells the key to the rise in violence was embedded in attitudes not only about black men but about women and sexuality as well.

Ida: A Sword Among Lions: Ida B. Wells and the Campaign Against Lynching - Giddings, author of the groundbreaking book When and Where I Enter, which traced the activisthistory of black women in America, the irrepressible personality of Ida B. Her independent perspective and percussive personality gained her encomiums as a hero -- as well as aspersions on her character and threats of death.

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Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America

Spiegel & Grau - Ghettoside is a fast-paced narrative of a devastating crime, an intimate portrait of detectives and a community bonded in tragedy, and a surprising new lens into the great subject of why murder happens in our cities—and how the epidemic of killings might yet be stopped. Leovy’s powerful testimony demands respectful attention.

The boston Globe. Ghettoside points out how relatively little America has cared even as recently as the last decade about the value of young black men’s lives. Usa today“functions both as a snappy police procedural and—more significantly—as a searing indictment of legal neglect. Gritty reporting that matches the police work behind it.

Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America - Los angeles Times“Moving and engrossing. San francisco Chronicle“Penetrating and heartbreaking. But as soon as the case is assigned to Detective John Skaggs, the odds shift. Jill leovy is a crisp writer with a crisp mind and the ability to boil entire skies of information into hard journalistic rain. Dwight garner,  the New York Times“Masterful.

Praise for ghettoside“A serious and kaleidoscopic achievement.

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